Building Insulation and Energy Efficiency

Insulating buildings is a significant part of any construction project. Insulation is a significant aspect of construction, as it defines the energy efficiency and the future operating costs of a building, as well as indirectly influencing its value. Read our articles on insulation, energy efficiency, and building projects. We discuss several aspects of construction and renovation that are relevant for making residential and office buildings more efficient.

Learn more about the latest in building technology.

Insulation for Smarter Houses

We discuss why insulation is so important, how it can save money, and how it needs to be done well. We present the most common insulation projects and their return on investment. We discuss the most common DIY and professional building projects, ways to build smarter, and easy tricks that anyone can do to save money in the long run.

Tools and Tricks for Building Better

We discuss the tools and materials for efficient and cost-effective building processes. We present some of the most common insulation materials and component groups. Understand the principles of better building, and discover all the different alternatives available to you on the market today.

The Latest in Building Technology

We discuss the benefits of some of the most innovative insulation solutions today. Insulation materials are not created equal, and some of the most recent solutions can drastically improve your work. In particular, we discuss why SIPs or structural insulated panels are the most cutting edge solution to building insulation today. SIPs have made insulation faster and more cost-effective than ever before. Read here why and how you can use SIPs to improve your work.